My Qualifications

Accredited Practising Dietitian, Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Health Presenter, Advocate for Lifestyle Medicine  


Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics 

Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Microba Insgiht Health Practitioner

Certificate in Holistic Digestive Health 

Optifast VLCD Health Practitioner 

Sports Nutrition Essentials Course

First Aid, Including CPR 


Monash University accredited FODMAPs Dietitian

Accredited Health Coach with Health Coached Australia New Zealand (HCANZA)  

Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner 


About Me

I have always been enthusiastic about Nutrition and Fitness.

From a young age, I participated in dancing, swimming, tennis, volleyball and athletics. My interest about the effects of foods on the body begun at the age of 10, with lycopene and its’ importance for skin health. Later, I researched antioxidants for improved memory to help me perform better at school. Through conversation about university, I learned that I can study ‘dietetics’, and realised that I had a passion I wanted to peruse. 

Clinical Dietitian

Outside of private practice, I have worked as a clinical dietitian at South East Regional Hospital (Bega) on the hospital wards and in the community setting. My role included identifying and educating about nutrition related physical findings. I have experience working on the Medical, Surgical, Rehabilitation, Neurological, Stroke, Renal wards. Working as a generalist dietitian allowed for the discovery of dietetic interest areas. These include Gastroenterology and the Gut Microbiome. 


Fitness Professional

To compliment my interest for fitness, I completed a Certificate III and IV in Personal Training. This enables me to design and prescribe exercise programs to clients who wish to take a more holistic approach to their health. 

Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching and Health Presenting 

I have a wide range of experience and knowledge about Nutrition, Fitness and Mindfulness. I have been able to tie these together through practising Health Coaching and becoming an advocate for Lifestyle Medicine, which takes into consideration all aspects of an individuals Wellbeing. 


Dietetic Interest Areas

Gut Health: The human microbiome and wellbeing
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and FODMAPs 
Irritable Bowel Disease 
Nutrient Deficiencies
Sports Nutrition and Rehabilitation
Metabolic Disease


Exercise Interest Areas

Strength & Conditioning 

Body Sculpting 

Resistance training for Older Adults 

General Health & Fitness 

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Crozy Interiors

Where the name stems from

A small-medium partitioning company led by my father Marinko and my 2 older brothers Marin and Tomislav. I work behind the scenes as the company secretary to ensure the smooth running of business communications. 

This is where the name 'Crozy' stems from. Upon his return to Australia, Tomislav was dubbed a 'Croatian - Aussie' and we all ran with it.


I am of Croatian heritage, and pride myself in being able to speak, read and write Croatian fluently.


I have experienced a lot of change throughout my life, which has moulded me into an insightful and resilient individual. My life experiences, which include moving countries twice, witnessing various physically and mentally debilitating illnesses within the hospital setting, encountering individuals with difficult personalities, and many other hardships, have provided me with a great level of compassion and empathy.


Through a non-judgmental and the Client Centred Approach, I am better able to communicate with, and motivate individuals moving towards change to achieve health. 


Apartments Crozy

Split, Croatia

We ran with the idea of Crozy and renovated our house in Croatia where we now host guests during the European summer months. Find out more about Apartments Crozy be clicking the button below