For the "I'm not a breakfast eater" and "I have no time"

Overnight Oats

Per Serve:

• 40g oats 

• 1 scoop Protein Powder or 200g Yoghurt 

• 1x serve Fruit of choice (eg banana or blueberries) 

• 1 Tbsp Nut or Seed butter of choice (eg peanut butter, tahini, almond butter) 

• 1 tbsp Chia Seeds (optional)

• Water or Milk of choice 

Add ingredients into jar, shake well, refrigerate overnight, grab and go! 

Toast and Sweet Toppings

Per Serve:

• WM Thins, toasted

• 1 Tbsp Unhulled Tahini 

• 1 Banana 

• 100g LF Greek Yoghurt 

Switch it up:

• Cottage Cheese + fruit

• PB + Apple Slices

• Tahini + Pear + LF ricotta

• Almond butter + berries 


Toast and Savoury Toppings

Per Serve:

• 1-2 Sl WM toast 

• 1/4 Avocado 

• 2 Boiled Eggs 

• Cherry Tomatoes, sliced

• 2-3 Olives, sliced

• Hummus, drizzle

Time Saver:

Boil a batch of eggs on the weekend, leave them in the shell and store in the fridge up to 7days! 

Switch it up:

• Cottage Cheese 

• Beetroot Hummus 

• Cucumber slices 

• Light Fetta, crumbled 


For my breakfast lovers. You know who you are. You love to go to bed because you know you get to eat in the morning. Try something different, you won't be disappointed.

Banana Pancakes 

Per Serve: 

• 1 banana 

• 2 whole eggs 

• 2 Tbsp Oats (optional) 

• Dash of milk (optional)

Mash/Blitz together and cook in pan like pancakes! Top with your favourite yoghurt/ maple syrup/ berries 

Salmon Scrambled Eggs

Per Serve: 

• 50g Smoked Salmon

• Baby spinach leaves 

• Cherry tomatoes

• Shredded carrot 

• 2 Whole Eggs 

• 1 Slice Helga's WM bread 

• 1/4 Avocado 

Scramble eggs in a bowl, add ingredients to eggs, add to cold pan and slowly cook, stirring as eggs start to cook, remove from heat when almost cooked and stir until cooked through 

TIP: You could also serve in a wrap! 

Smashed Pea and Avo

Cafe Style quality 

Per Serve:

• 2 Sl WM toast 

• 1/2 Cup Peas 

• 1/4 Avocado

• Toast Tomato Slices 

• 2 Poached Eggs 

• Smoked salmon 

Blitz the peas and avocado together in a food processor or with a stick 

Use an air fryer to roast the tomatoes (line with baking paper)