Health Coaching

Evoke Motivation through Health Coaching 

Create your health vision and feel supported whilst moving confidently towards it 

Choose your priorities and path towards your health vision

Feel empowered, respected and listened to 

Develop a 'growth mindset' that is more likely to support successful health behaviour change





A discovery call/ greet gives you the opportunity to learn more about the packages and services offered by Dietitian and Health Coach Kathy Ozakovic. 


What I Offer

Health Coaching bridges the gap between knowing and going! 

Health Coaches are behavior change specialists who support people to make sustainable diet, lifestyle, and habit changes that are self-determined by the client—or in some circumstances as prescribed by the client’s professional (licensed) healthcare team—to promote health and greater well-being.


Ongoing Support

Commit to one of the below packages ​to save money and reserve your spot as an ongoing client. Upgrade or downgrade your package depending on needs.

Minimum commitment 3 months. 


Limited number of spots available - Ask today!  




What's included: 

  • 4 x Health Coaching Consults per month

  • 12 Weekly consults

  • Complimentary Individualised Diet Plan 


           SAVE $450



What's included:

  • 2 x Health Coaching Consults per month

  • 6 Fortnightly consults

  • Complimentary Individualised Diet Plan 

         SAVE $270




What's included:

  • ​1 x Health Coaching Consults per month

  • 3 Monthly consults

  • Cost of diet plan additional 

Upgrade at any stage

(Pay the difference) 

Terms and Conditions: ​​

3 months minimum commitment 

Upgrade at any stage (pay the difference)

Downgrade your package after 3 months 

Cancelation with <24 hours notice or Non-Attendance fee of $45.00

All consults available as walking consults 

All consults available as Phone/Video Consults  


Health Coaching - Walking Consults

(Reviews only)


Rethink your Health Coaching Consultation

Introduced to help clients get their 10k steps/day!

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced walks available.