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Collaborative Collective Member


 Accredited Collaborative Dietitian and Health Coach at DRCA

With extensive experience and qualifications in Holistic Digestive Health and Fitness, Kathy is committed to ensuring that the nutrition related physical symptoms you may experience through your dispute are resolved through a tailor-made approach, backed by the latest scientific research and innovation about the Gut Microbiome. 


Kathy is a big believer that there is no ''one size fits all'' approach to health. With a toolbox of strategies and her Client Centered focus, she is able to equip you with the tools needed to maintain health and overcome any given circumstance.



Below is some information about Australia's first of its kind divorce retreat helping individuals navigate through the separation. The Collaborative Collective, together with other guest speakers share their expertise for the benefit of the attendees. 

No matter where you are in the process, over the course of 2 days you are bound to find something that will be helpful to you. Connect with people going through similar experiences and reach out to the experts.


TERRIGAL, February 2021

The First of its Kind

What a Divorce Retreat Looks Like: 

Day 1 

The day started with a soothing session of Yoga with Yogamigos followed by Dr Lurve, Australia's leading relationship expert sharing how to navigate divorce and your self-worth during Separation.


Lenore Pearson, Collaborative Holistic Counsellor and Meditative Therapist at DRCA highlighted the importance of Healing through Grieving. We learnt about the intersection between Criminal proceedings and Family Law, Co-Parenting Effectively With your Ex and engaged in interactive workshops by Ange Sinclair about Stress, Anxiety and Self-Care. DIno Hira closed the day with a Mindfulness Yoga Session. 

Day 2 

'Collaborate, Don't Complete' was an interactive role play designed to increase awareness of staying out of the court system and achieving a collaborative separation. This was followed by Kathy's advise about Detoxing your Divorce, Not your Diet which provided insight into the Human Gut Microbiome and how Gut Health is relevant to Separation. Natasha Janssen helped us step into our financial power and be a boss. 

Michelle Karim & Jerome Doraisamy shared their stories of achieving optimal wellness as a professional. The Kalpaxis Legal Team highlighted ways of overcoming adversity, the evolution of family and how to be future focused. 

Final Detox Your Divorce Retreat Runshee
Final Detox Your Divor22ce Retreat Runsh

More Retreats Coming!

Join us at our next retreat

If you have found yourself separate, or thinking about separating Kalpaxis Legal and DRCA understand just how lonely, frustrating and anxious this period of time can be.

You don’t know where to go, who to turn to for advice and what happens next? You can spend hours alone on the internet reading conflicting information and become more confused than when you started.

The last thing you are doing is thinking about taking care of yourself, and you really just need some time away to pause, recharge and reconnect.