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Work Switches: On - Pause - Off

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Working from home has presented many challenges for us all. We have all learnt the importance of having a space allocated to work with a desk, appropriate chair, necessary stationary and appliances. However, have you given some thought to your work switches?

What do I mean by work switches? I am talking about those subtle little routines you implement to let your mind know you are working or you are not. If you haven't noticed your work switches don't worry, they are likely just a habit! I have listed some work switch examples for you. Feel free to trial and implement the ones you find most useful.

Work ON switches

  • Getting dressed for work

  • Coffee/ Teapot/ Water bottle filled up

  • Laptop Open

  • Pulling up the blinds in your work space

  • Turn your phone face down

Work PAUSE switches

Taking breaks is essential to our wellbeing. Kids have recess, lunch and sometimes breaks in class to help them stay on task! Don't deprive yourself of much needed PAUSES.

  • Work productively for 50min, take a 10-20min break

  • Refilling the teapot/ water bottle

  • Short walk

  • Exercises in the spot: Squats, Lunges, Star Jumps

  • Walk Up/Down some stairs

  • Longer lunch break

  • Being at home means during breaks you can: fold clothes, wash dishes, put out the laundry, take the puppy out for a walk, vacuum the carpet

Work OFF switches

  • Write a to do list for tomorrow

  • Lock the office door

  • Close the Laptop

  • Wind down / offload 20min window

  • Pull down the blinds in your work room

  • Have s shower

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