Resistance Training

The benefits of resistance training are many. Here are just a few:  

Toning / Body Shaping 

Improved Body Image 


Strength Gain / Muscle Gain

Increased Bone Density

Improved Posture

Improved Quality of Life 

Decreased Risk of Falls 

Improved Sleep 

Improved Mood 


What I Offer

Improve your Quality of Life. Let Lifestyle be your Medicine. 

Outdoor Training

$40 (up to 30min)

I'll bring the equipment, you show up and do the work. Comprised of both weights and cardiovascular components. I design programs tailored to your abilities, needs and preferences, to help you keep moving towards your goals. Limited number of clients!


Sutherland Shire 

Bayside Council 

Women Training Outdoors

1:1 Gym Sessions

$45 (up to 45min)

Want to learn how to use the gym equipment? Want to feel more confident in the free weights area? Join Plus Fitness Kirrawee and ask to train with Kathy! Receive a complimentary Fitness Appraisal and 'use of equipment' tour. 


Plus Fitness Kirawee ONLY, South Village 

(ask about your non-member benefits)

$40per session 

($160 per month) 


• 1 x 40min PT session per week 

• Complimentary Fitness Appraisal 

• 4 Individualised Gym Sessions and Program

• Guidance and advice for best results    

$60per session

($120 per month) 


• 1 x 50min PT session Fortnightly 

• Complimentary Fitness Appraisal 

• 4 Individualised Gym Sessions and Program

• Guidance and advice for best results 

Gift your friend/loved one
the gift of fitness!

Stretch & Release


Need help with your Physio exercises? 

Want to improve your flexibility but find it hard to consistently stretch?

Working long hours at a desk?

Not sure how to improve your exercise program?  

I hear you! 

This is why I offer stretch & release sessions 

Be guided through a different stretching routine each week 

Individualised approach to suit your needs 

Not stretching at the moment?

Commit to 1x stretch and release session weekly and you will already be 100% better at stretching than you currently are! 

1x session weekly $30 (25min)

Minimum commitment 4 weeks 

Outdoor Workout

Use Your Lifestyle as Medicine


What to expect

Pre-exercise questionnaire and goal setting

Questionnaires are designed to alert me of any necessary referral pathways for your benefit. You may require a medical certificate or clearance letter from a health practitioner prior to exercising. 

Goal setting and tracking progress will help you feel more motivated and help me design a program of the appropriate intensity. 

Fitness Class


THURSDAYS 5am - 5pm 

FRIDAYS 5am-5pm 

SATURDAYS subject to availability 

SUNDAYS subject to availability