What I do

I provide individualised and realistic advice which meet a client's needs and personal preferences, to help reach and maintain health goals.

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Nutrition & Dietetics

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Dietetics is a healthcare profession. Dietitians specialise in the interpretation and communication of nutrition science to enable people to make choices about the food they eat to promote health and wellbeing, and prevent and/or manage nutrition-related illnesses.


Health Coaching

Evoke Motivation and Move Forward

Ideal for individuals who have already been to a dietitian and are finding it difficult to carry through with the advice given. Health Coaching is an ongoing commitment towards better health behaviours.  


Fitness Coach

Outdoors or Gym

I develop unique programs suited to your personal fitness level. Improve your health and quality of life. Learn a combination of static and dynamic exercises which can be performed outdoors, at home or at the gym, depending on what you have access to. 


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Health Presenter

Dispute Resolution Centre Australia Collaborative Collective

A legal team that practices law differently. Kalpaxis Legal designed a holistic, client centred approach to separation. The aim is to support individuals through a collaborative separation that will have the least physical, emotional and financial strain. Kathy is part of the collaborative collective who work to support individuals in areas outside of law including mental, physical and spiritual health.


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Kathy Ozakovic Health Presenter

Let Lifestyle be your Medicine